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  1. How to wash a house using downstream injection

    Downstream Injection By: Bob Williamson

    Downstream injection is a means of applying chemicals with the use of a pressure washer. It is an effective way of applying chemicals, as long as the end solution of the chemical being applied will be effective at dilution rates of 8-1 and higher. Dilution ratio depends on the gpm of your pressure washer. Higher gpm pressure washers will have a higher dilution ratio.

    Downstream injection introduces chemical into ...
  2. Whiskey Fungus cleaning in Frankfort KY

    Why is it called whiskey fungus?

    Distilleries release ethanol into the atmosphere during the process of distilling and aging liquor. Whiskey fungus is called whiskey fungus because it was first noticed growing on and around distilleries in Europe during the 1800s.

    What is whiskey fungus?

    Whiskey fungus is a black fungus that grows when ethanol is released into the atmosphere. Technically, itís called Baudoinia compniacensis.

    What does whiskey ...