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  1. Got new injector... do i need to cap off the built in one on my PW?

    Just setting up my rig, and i ordered an injector kit from bob. My machine is a 4GPM 4200 PSI direct drive, and it has a downstream port built into it.


    When i install the new...
  2. White residue on bricks, from around a flowerpot.

    Downstreamed house mix and surface cleaned, and these white spots are still there. One is where a flowerpot sat, the other is where a fountain sat. Any ideas of what it is, and what can get it off? ...
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    Great thread here. Thanks to everyone giving...

    Great thread here. Thanks to everyone giving advice.

    Just so im clear (im new), you can turn the soap off and on at the gun by using high/low pressure tips... so the point of using a remote is so...
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