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Thread: Log Home Restoration

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    Log Home Restoration

    One year ago this month:

    This log home had an unknown failing water based finish on it. Since the owner did not want to pay the price for media blasting, we agreed to a chemical strip using Duraprep WB 7-531.

    After the dwell time, we started to power wash the home with two crewmen washing opposite sides. Soon thereafter, the owner came out and said his wife was upset that water was intruding into the home (which we had warned him of previously). He asked if we could just stop and put something on to cover the partially stripped home.

    We called Mark at The Armstrong Clark Company Plant and asked if their semi-solid might cover the partially stripped water based finish. He told us that as long as their finish was not rained on in a couple of days, it would work.

    We sprayed the partially stripped home with 2 coats of A/C Mountain Cedar Semi-Solid allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second coat.

    We waited a year, until the annual inspection, to take these photographs because, frankly, we were not sure how the finish would hold up. As you can see it is holding up quite well.

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    Re: Log Home Restoration

    Interesting .... suprised it even dried right over the top of a water base Mark. I assume it was a film former on there previously like lifeline or something similar? Looks pretty good in the pics

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    Re: Log Home Restoration


    Yes, It was some kind of film former. I can only guess we etched it enough for the A/C to penetrate.

    It looks great even close up and has a nice matte finish even where it covered places that looked like we removed very little of the original finish.



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