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Thread: Sunscreen

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    Re: Sunscreen

    Well I'm dying with a tan! Pale and pasty, uck.
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    Re: Sunscreen

    The climate where people lived also took into the consideration there skin tone to combat the Sun.

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    Re: Sunscreen

    Most people had darker skin middle eastern, africans, hispanic etc. The white people probably stayed inside those dungy ass castles sitting at a table and ate food all day....much like most obese americans do now haha
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    Re: Sunscreen

    Us albinos are nocturnal and sleep all day . Good job for hoods !

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    Re: Sunscreen

    [quote author=Dieseldad97 link=topic=12082.msg160595#msg160595 date=1302912192]
    All this suntan talk is getting me angry. It's snowing here. [/quote]

    Here's a company that can fix that problem for you.
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    Re: Sunscreen

    I just don't understand it, I try to stay away from the sun because I'm in it all day . My wife on the other hand...I had to buy her a tanning bed and when we go out on the boat she covers herself with baby oil and will just lay there and bake :bash:.
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    Re: Sunscreen

    Earlier in the year, I went to Dermatologist - mole check. I had a bump (about of a tic tack) right at the tear duct. When the Dr. was finishing, I said .."oh by the way, what is this bump by my eye. He ended up taking a biopsy. It came back pre-cancer. I am darker complected can happen. We are always looking to the sky doing this business. That sun is bright and dangerous. Wear sunscreen.. and stick around for awhile.
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