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Thread: not impressed with PlexMaster

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    not impressed with PlexMaster

    I washed my own house the other day using standard house wash mix, then applied Plexmaster. I have to say that I'm definitely not impressed. I could tell no difference, not even a slight sheen. I was considering adding this service but with the results I got,,,no way.

    I waited till the house dried and mixed two quarts of Plexmaster to 5 gallons of water and downstreamed. I could see I was getting alot of the plexmaster mix on the house, the windows beaded nice...but the end result disappointed me.

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    Re: not impressed with PlexMaster

    E-specs former product, Sil-O-Wet was better. We've had decent results with the PM, but you have to use it in much stronger concentration than they suggest (which seems typical of e-spec chems)

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    Re: not impressed with PlexMaster

    I have tried a few waxes with very poor end results. I did a little trial on the east side of my garage, where I waxed only one half of the siding and wanted to see how it lasted on the sunny side of the house. When it dried I really couldn't tell which side had the wax on it. I have tried Steve Rowletts wax and I can't remember the other. I just gave up, because I couldn't upsell something I didn't beleive in.
    Maybe there is a better wax on the market that does make a difference.
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    Re: not impressed with PlexMaster

    I was just about to buy some Plex Master too. I may go back to my zipwax. I used to add half a gallon of turtle wax zipwax to my house wash mix as a wax upsell. It really does add a little protection, and it helps the house dry a little faster after the rinse (based upon my observation, so it is possible that it doesn't do anything). I'm not going to say that it makes a huge difference, and I make it clear to the homeowner that it provides added sheen and water repellency for a limited time. Still, for under $10 you can add a little shine to the siding, improve the drying time of your rinse, and upsell it for an affordable and profitable price point of $25-$35.


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