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Thread: Let's Talk Trailers!

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    Re: Let's Talk Trailers!

    I lost a surface cleaner also on my open trailer. The enclosed is so much nicer. Ive even left it at multi day jobs that were an hour away,(as long as they had a locked gate and fenced in.)
    Just get one or two sizes bigger than you think you need. you'd be surprised how fast they fill up.
    The main problem I have is the chlorine. Everything rusts. You cant help leaks and spills now and then, and just the little thats in the air corrodes everything! I had to start pW the inside periodically!
    Jon Chapman
    Pro Pressure Clean and Seal

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    Re: Let's Talk Trailers!

    In St.Louis I would go with an enclosed trailer so I could protect the equipment from freezing in the winter. It's amazing how much damage a freeze can do to any equipment that has water in it. I have seen it blow the head off a pump!! No small feat.. Build in some kind of heaters,(heat lamps) so the cold weather doesn't catch you by surprise. I had 18 bays of coin-op car washes and two enclosed van trucks in Oregon and it was a real challenge in the winter to keep them from freezing up... Sounds like a tongue lock would be a good investment after Alan's misfortune. That's a really tough break!! I hope they get it back for you..

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