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Thread: Chemical mix ups

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    Re: Chemical mix ups

    [quote author=wbrett1027 link=topic=13330.msg175274#msg175274 date=1334707288]

    i am useing a sprayer nozzle, 4gpm washer, so the mix is getting diluted pretty well. i will lighten my mix up and keep your guys knowledge and experience in my mind tommorow, You guys are Great!

    If by "sprayer nozzle" you mean something similar to an X-Jet, I would think your mix is way too strong for vinyl siding.

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    Re: Chemical mix ups

    [quote author=wbrett1027 link=topic=13330.msg175233#msg175233 date=1334626681]
    i havent tryed this below but id fingure id let it eat, and ask opinions..
    Roof Wash
    4 Gallons of 12.5
    1 gallon of water
    and SURFACTANT DAWN/ simple cherry???

    Go with at least a 50/50 or a 40/60 Mix of SH and water. I throw in a few scoops of Simple Cherry from Bob as well. If you go anything heavier than you're just wasting chemical. The good thing about undermixing too is that if your chem isn't working as well as you want it to then you can always add more SH to find a good mixture.

    As far as a pump goes, we run the Udor Zeta 40. Check out Bob's Fatboy Bandit setup if you're looking for a good electric kit.

    If you have any questions pm me, I may be able to help you out.
    Stephen Groesser
    G&S Roof Cleaning,
    Swartz Creek, MI

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