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Thread: In a Bind Need Some help!

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    In a Bind Need Some help!

    The guys failed to listen and tarp this Cedar deck when they did a roof.

    My thought is to clean the entire thing to make it all match, the problem is how?

    Any help really appreciated I want to avoid any furring. Feel free to give instructions like you're talking to an idiot, because I am.
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    Re: In a Bind Need Some help!

    hahaha, John. You gotta love it. Bleach clean. Spray on and see if you can get a match without washing (ie just far away rinsing). You may need to apply via pump to get the right strength.

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    Re: In a Bind Need Some help!

    A quick fix and I like kens idea but I would try to rub a bunch of dirt on that area and smear it in real good and blend it in, Iv done it before on smaller areas


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