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Thread: Getting out of Roof Cleaning

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    Getting out of Roof Cleaning

    How can I go about selling my roof cleaning business? I'm in a big midwest city and I am one of the only roof cleaners in town. Been at it for 8 years as a part-time gig and am moving on to other work.
    Where can I list it for sale and/or who do I approach? Craigslists "business" section is full of furniture for sale so that's out.
    I've got a good 16' box truck with a great wrap along with a good stong website that has a decent organic Google ranking.
    I do not just want to "walk away" from the business because I've built it up for so long and it's worth something, but I do not want to do any jobs this spring and I'm already getting calls because of the weather.
    Evan Wood

    Cincinnati Roof Cleaning

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    Re: Getting out of Roof Cleaning

    Evan, try calling a listing broker. They may have a wider potential base of local people interested in a hands-on business. They also may be able to help you come up with a realistic price. I would also call local companies (include landscapers and painters). Be prepared for a buyer to insist as part of the deal that you stay on-board for a period of time as a consultant.

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    Re: Getting out of Roof Cleaning

    Evan why don't you just let your helper doug run the biz? I just cleaned two apartment communities up by your work. (UC)
    By the way....
    Where can I get SH in Cincy

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    Re: Getting out of Roof Cleaning

    Lou, Doug is long gone. My son has been running the crew and he leaves for Paris Island in Feb for his 4 year stint in the CORPS. The other helper does not have a car or license. There's another roof cleaner in town, but he only wants my records, website and future referals and wants to low-ball me. I have a lot of recoats that will need to be done too. I don't want a forture for the biz, but do not want to just walk away either. I need to sell the biz with the truck and web and all the old records and move on. I've got 4 jobs/businesses as it is and I want to cut it down by 1 this spring. Wife's not happy I'm gone all the time and it sucks getting old.
    Evan Wood

    Cincinnati Roof Cleaning

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    Re: Getting out of Roof Cleaning

    PM me with your asking price and relevant info.
    Queen City ProLLC
    Cincinnati, OH

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    Re: Getting out of Roof Cleaning

    Subcontract the work to the other guy until you sell it. Keep 10-20% for yourself. He'll do a 500.00 roof for 400.00 if you can add a few jobs a week to his plate. I do a lot of work for a local landscaper that is older now and doesn't want to pressure wash anymore. He pretty much keeps 50.00 for every job that I do for him, but he gives me 5-10 extra jobs a month so I'm not complaining. He and I do have a clear understanding that those are HIS customers. We settled that with a handshake, but you may need those terms in writing to protect yourself.
    Lee Rivenbark

    Pro Pressure Washing
    "Restore the appearance of your property!"

    Serving the Greater Wilmington & Jacksonville, NC areas.

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    Getting out of Roof Cleaning

    How did you come out?
    Complete ProWash
    Liberty IN.

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    Evan Wood , why are you thinking to be sale of your roof cleaning business ,while i think that this is a good decision to be have a lot of branches of your business , because a good and a healthy business always needs a lot branches that may cause to expand your professionalism to you and in your business as well .

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    Did Ron M proof read this?
    Chuck Norris can believe it's not butter.

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    Doug Tripp
    Valley Mobile Cleaning, Inc.
    Warwick NY

    845 544 3645

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