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Thread: Let's see if I've got this rinsing thing figured out....

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    Wow! Thanks for the pictures, Jeremy. My only question, when was the after picture taken. 10 minutes after applying the chemicals, 1 day, after the first rain, etc.? Im shocked at how good that looks without rinsing. I'M SOOOOO CONFUSED!
    Brody Beyer
    Lakeshore Pressure Washing, LLC
    Two Rivers, WI

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    One Hour.....unphotoshopped and untouched. If you notice, most of the people who are telling you to rinse aren't full time roof cleaners. Most anyone that has cleaned over 100 roofs or more doesnt rinse.

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    Actually, if I recall correctly, this roof had some very light brown hazing where the darkest algae was. You can't even tell it in the pic it was so faint, but I set the customers expectation ahead of time so they wouldn't be alarmed.

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    Thanks for the info, Jeremy. You have me leaning towards not rinsing. Unless there are no gutters, then I feel it is still better to rinse to avoid landscaping damage. I wish Chris Tucker would chime in on this. I value his opinion. (Not that I don't value everyone else's). I'm still in awe how good that roof looks without rinsing! Thanks again for the info & pics.
    Brody Beyer
    Lakeshore Pressure Washing, LLC
    Two Rivers, WI

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    I would wager my house that it was Chris from Apple. Am I correct? Jeremy, please don't take it that I don't value your opinion as much as anyone else. I value your opinion (and everyone else's) very much. Again, I am a "newbie", so anyone's advise is taken very seriously. Like I said earlier, I have my 1st roof job this Saturday. It's a 6 building apartment complex, so I have the flexibility to "experiment" to see the results from different techniques. I will post as may pics as I can. Thanks again, Jeremy for your input.
    Brody Beyer
    Lakeshore Pressure Washing, LLC
    Two Rivers, WI

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    Brody there is really no reason to rinse. Like I stated before the only time we rinse is when no gutters are present. I have personally cleaned over 1000 roofs and can tell you will see the results right away.

    Maybe you should try cleaning a family members home first to see the process before you go to the apartment complex.
    Diamond Roof Cleaning and Powerwashing
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    Williamstown NJ 08094
    Owner-Michael DeRose Sr.

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    We just completed a 330,000 sqft job, did over a 1,000,000 sqft last year and will do over 1,000,000 this year too.
    John Doherty
    Garden State Mobile Wash, LLC

    New Jersey Power Washing, Roof Cleaning and Exterior Cleaning Services

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