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    urine stain

    Does anyone have an idea how I could treat the discoloration caused by dog urine on this already stained patio? The client would like to darken the slab and I think applying a high gloss sealer would do the trick, (they do like the color when the patio is wet), but that would seal in the urine stain. There is also some discoloration do to minerals leaking from the plants. I really do not want to re-stain the patio due to color variations which will occur when applying colorant over an already stain base. Thank you.

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    Michael-Patrick Bodin
    Bodin's Pro Wash

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    Have you tried cleaning it first? Perhaps a cleaning with a surface scrubber will get the discoloration out then you can seal it and make it shine. Other than a general cleaning, David at Southern Stain and Seal may know.
    Keenan Gilligan
    Monarch Pressure Washing LLC
    Knoxville, TN

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    Urine? Really?

    I always thought those rings were from people putting fertilizer in the flower pots and it leached out when they watered them.
    J.C. Galmiche
    Cajun Cleanin' Powerwashing
    Daphne, Al.
    Pressure washing Daphne,Fairhope,Alabama.

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    Yeah bro. My bet is: that's not urine. It's either fertilizer minerals leeching out of the plants or minerals from the planting pots themselves.
    Andrew J. Theis
    Integrated Power Washing Services LLC
    Warner Robins, GA

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    Well, some stains may be from fertilizer but some are from urine; I have seen the dog pee in those same spots. And if some are from fertilizer, does anyone have ideas on how to strip them down or remove them?

    Michael-Patrick Bodin
    Bodin's Pro Wash


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