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Thread: 12.5% SH math

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    Increase the mix. Try not to use anything over two weeks old. They may have been filled three months ago, but they may have been filled from a container that was filled months before that.
    Chuck Norris can believe it's not butter.

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    That's what I was thinking. Normally, if I had 30 gal. of SH, I would use 60 gal H2O. Was thinking, 30g.SH/45-50g. H2O.
    Brody Beyer
    Lakeshore Pressure Washing, LLC
    Two Rivers, WI

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    One reason there is such a wide variation in SH to water ratios is this. All of us buy SH in various states of decomposition!
    Here in Tampa Florida, our SH is HOT, meaning it is extremely fresh, because of all the swimming pools down here.
    We clean shingle roofs every singe day with a 25 percent SH to Water ratio, this means 25 gallons chlorine in 75 gallons of water!

    I have got store bleach right off the Clorox delivery truck, and they even have a plant in Tampa!
    I will not do anything, except get the shit stains out of underwear. For cleaning roofs professionally, it will make you look like a fool.
    You MUST find a reliable source of fresh SH, in your neck of the woods, if you want to be successful in the roof cleaning business, simple as that.
    The powdered pool chlorine is useless for cleaning roofs, and can and will leave a nasty white scale, all over everything that will take Acid, Pressure, and an act of God, to remove.

    Here is one of our Roof Cleaning Institute Certified Roof Cleaners Clyde Sampsel out of New Jersey, making fun of some shit sold to Roof Cleaners called "Bleach Powder".


    Reminding people that not everything you read on the Internet is really true.
    Bob Williamson will always give you good advice, listen to him, and many of the good people here, who will never intentionally steer people wrong.

    But beware! And realize some places on the Internet (not here) are full of shills, who will "talk up" questionable products for roof cleaning!

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    This is nice... Thanks for the information

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    Why would you "trial treat"? They either want the service or they don't.

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