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Thread: Warning About Elemonator

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    Warning About Elemonator

    Not a warning like, "don't use it". I really like Elemonator and have been experimenting with it under different scenarios. I went out yesterday and did a stucco house using my usual house wash, Simple Cherry and Elemonator. All three worked well on a stucco sided home. The Elemonator side actually had gutters that looked like we scrubbed them. (Customer opted out of the upgrade). That's not a scientific endorsement as any variables could have come into play but I was very satisfied with the results.

    Let me backtrack a little..

    I got a callback a few weeks ago about terribly streaked windows. Both guys were experienced and have never had the issue but it was their first time using Elemonator. It was my fault for not being more specific on how little was needed in a downstream bucket and they added, by my best guess about 24 oz to a pail of 60/40 mix of 12% and water. On the final side of my experiment house yesterday I wanted to see if I could duplicate their mistake. The first thing I noticed was that on contact with glass the overly pumped-up downstreamed solution immediately spread out and beaded.. almost like the window had wax on it. I let the solution sit for about fifteen minutes but still kept the windows misted with water. I rinsed thoroughly. I am anal about rinsing and will rinse a side slowly then before leaving that side go back and rinse the windows again to get rid of anything that may have ran down from the walls. Everything looked great. We disconnected, rolled up, drained the tanks and I went back to look at the side. Every window had dried streaking covering 75% of the window. Fixing it meant brushing every window with a solution of straight Simple Cherry.

    The homeowner was not home so I did not get to ask them if they had those windows with the UV coating. I am basing my assumptions on both scenarios being overly aggressive with Elemonator. This is actually a good problem. It means 6-8 oz per downstreamed pail of solution is plenty. I am putting a cup on every truck that will make the process more foolproof.

    I thoroughly endorse Elemonator and will probably switch to it 100% next year to eliminate having to mix powder concentrates. I just wanted to share my experience so those of you afflicted with "more is better" know that in this case, it's not true.

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    We ran into the same type situation Ken but customer was right by our side the whole time. Not sure if the windows were UV coated but streaks were there. No problem I told the this, and rinsed the windows clean & clear.....whew!

    As with Simple Cherry, using too much will cause streaking on windows, and just like Simple Cherry it rinses awesome! At least in my area.

    UV coatings or other factors may cause a different reaction........Thanks For The Heads Up Ken!
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    No problem, guy. One of the things that prompted me to post this was that the windows would not rinse clean and had to be brushed. Its a huge time killer. lucky it was only that one side. The other side where I put a lesser amount of E-lator was perfect.

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    Are UV coated windows the norm in your area, or is this a high end area deal? Most windows around here are basic thermo-pane vinyl windows.
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    I see them on the newer McMansion constructions. Most of the homes around here are older so water intrusion is a bigger issue when it comes to windows. (and non-code outdoor electrical even on multi million dollar homes)

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    Since you mentioned it Ken, how do you avoid water intrusion when cleaning washing?

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    There is no real way to avoid it. I let people know it can happen and have provisions in my contract. Most people will put a towel under a door or troublesome window before they go to work.

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    Great idea! Thanks ken.
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