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Thread: Teaching new guys

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    asking questions that you know they have done no research, does make me wonder, and they deserve no help. Wanting to get into the industry and be a jack leg with a big box store machine and after a year they still have that machine, deserve no help. If you dont want to be the best you deserve no help. I saw one guy the other day saying how he could save money for the customer using a 2.5 gpm machine and make more money for himself using the small machine, and has been doing it 7 years LOL/ WTF and was arguing about it with a experienced pro, LOL I kid you not.

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    Business is like any other sport, Dave. If no one shows you how to play properly, you just perfect being mediocre (which sums up my golf game)

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    Glad I found this site to learn from WAY before starting out.
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