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Thread: Insurance, who is happy and who are you using

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    Insurance, who is happy and who are you using

    Looking into Insurance, looking for at lease $500K GL per occurrence. I would like 1 one stop shop for commercial auto, GL and possibly WC.

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    Call your local insurance agent. Steer clear of Joe Walters.
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    I agree with giving someone local business if you can. The gamut of people that have used Joe Walters runs hot to cold. I never had any issues with them. They insure many companies in this industry so your rates will be good and they won't put you through a ton of hoops trying to figure out what you do. They were always quick when I needed certs. One local agent, after 4 back and forth emails and a couple of calls came back at $4k per year just for $1m liability. That's more than twice what I pay now. Walters will also explain care and custody which is very important when shopping for policies. You have to know what can be excluded from a claim.

    Sal, it is just a few pennies more to get $1M in GL. That is the industry standard for resi and light commercial.

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    I'm with Ken. JW has been good to me.
    When I was first looking for insurance the local agents couldn't figure out how to categorize pressure washing, wanted an insane amount of money for less coverage or just wouldnt get back to me.
    1 million/2 million agg is the way to go.
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    Just dont know which way to go, i have read some + & -'s about JW..... JW was orig my first choice, guess ill just have to speak with different agents.

    Thanks guys...

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    There's a saying, I can't find it now but it's something to the affect of truly realizing if it's good or bad when the shat hits the fan. I use JW. Based upon everything Ken and Chad stated. I have heard one way or the other myself. The only negative I can recall reading about, with there being any substantial discussion about JW, I remember getting the impression that the complaining insured was not completely legit in his position in the matter. As important as insurance is when it comes time to do more than ask for a cert, I'd like to know examples if there was a genuine reason to not use JW.
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    I use Nationwide as they also cover my rig and equipment for less than the price Ken mentioned. JW would not insure my rig or equipment mentioning that I live in a flood zone but Nationwide and a couple others for over the past 11+ years insured the rig and equipment and don't know anything about a "flood zone" like what JW mentioned.

    Here in Texas State Farm just started insuring businesses back in 2013 and they gave me a better price but forgot about me and dropped the ball when it was time to renew so I stayed with Nationwide. I have been with State Farm for almost 20 years for home and auto and for over 5 years now my business trucks.

    I would call around and see what you can find. If you live in a smaller city call the larger cities around you and see what you can find.

    Good luck.


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