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Thread: Concrete Pool Deck Sealing

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    Concrete Pool Deck Sealing

    Hey all,

    I've searched through the threads about concrete sealing, but didn't find one that addressed my specific question, so here goes.

    I have a client that had a pool and concrete deck put in about a year ago. The concrete has no color or stamping, only a brushed finish and has not been sealed. To the eye it is still clean, no stains or discoloration, and still looks new. The client is concerned however, about a white chalky residue on the bottom of his feet when he walks on it. He contacted the contractor who suggested he have it pressure washed to get rid of the residue. I suggested a light (low pressure) wash and sealing. My questions are:

    1 - Will the surface cleaner do anything to the brushed finish or the color (I've seen some pretty bad pictures of new concrete after pressure applied removing the "cream")?

    2 - Because it is concrete around a pool are there considerations about water vs solvent based sealers?

    I keep hearing two different products being mentioned as I am researching 1. SealTight by W.R. Meadows (Non-Yellowing, Acrylic Sealing Compound) and 2. Armor SX5000 by Foundation Armor. Both say they are good for pool decking. Anyone have any experience with either of these products or other recommendations?

    Thanks in advance,
    Brian Parker
    Virginia Beach Exterior Services

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    Research Stamp Shield by Trinic. We use it a lot on all types of concrete colored stained or just raw cement

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    Talk to David Phillips at Southern Stain and Seal. He can help with product selection, and application.
    Keenan Gilligan
    Monarch Pressure Washing LLC
    Knoxville, TN

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