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Thread: new to site and power washing

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    new to site and power washing

    hey guys wanted to introduce myself and say hi ...I'm currently working at a local steel mill here in Ohio and business is real slow .. Ive been thinking about trying to get a small power washing set up built ..i was looking into a 4000 psi 4 gallon machine on wheels ....i want to set it up on a trailer i have with a buffer tank and small chem tank of some sort....i know i need to do a ton more research before i ask you guys a bunch of questions about everything .....i only plan on doing a few residential accounts a month to help with the lack of work ...the question i have is this a good machine for what i want to try to do....i plan on running a surface cleaner with the machine as this machine to powerful for residential ????
    like i said i know i need to a lot more research and look forward to learning from the pros ( I'm a union steelworker and do not want to become a neighborhood hack )
    thanks guys

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    A 4 gpm machine can get you started. Research this forum and others on downstreaming so you don't have to use a ton of pressure on houses. For a surface cleaner, get a small one 16"-18" max. That sized machine (4gpm) won't power anything bigger properly. Welcome to PT State.

    Oh yeah and the equipment is second fiddle to getting the phone to ring. Leave some money for a website and maybe having flyers printed.

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    thanks for the feed back ....i should have mentioned i really don't plan on starting up till spring i want to have have everything in place before i start.......because i only plan on being a part time guy i want to have the smallest most compact system i can put together ........right now i want to mount everything on a trailer ...i have a boat trailer that i want to cut short and add a deck thinking 6 foot max 9 possibly shorter 0.....i can weld and fab so i don't think it will be any trouble for me ..also i have no doubts that this will be hard work and that i have a lot of reading to do ...if one day this takes off for me i can up grade my set up .......
    does anyone have any advice on a small set up ..thinking i may do two jobs a day max small can i go ???thinking 100 gallon buffer maybe 2 15 chem tanks a couple buckets brushes misc....a smaller surface cleaner ????

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    Starting out, I have a 4GPM with all accessories w/ WW Classic packed into the bed of my truck. Some jobs, it takes more time to unload everything and hook everything up than to clean (driveways mostly). Trailer is the way to go if you can swing it, this Winter hopefully I'll be putting one together. This site is GOLD, tons of good info and good guys on here.
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    Use the search up top here to look for anything your interested in and of course ask any questions you may have like your doing here.

    In 1996 when I started my PW business I had those exact specs of 4gpm @4000psi machine and all I did was residential that first year. The machine was fine for residential but just becarefull on the PSI part because you could scar residential concrete with that. To minimize the psi use larger tips.

    Also like Ken is saying above make sure you have money to advertise because that's more important then the equipment you have. You need that phone to ring to be successful and great equipment doesn't do that. Best of luck!
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    Welcome to the State! This is absolutely the best place to grow in knowledge. Lots of good folks on here that have been successful and willing to share their know-how. We (also fairly new to the business) run a machine with the same specs. Almost two years into it, all I can say is I wish we had a bigger one. We almost never use the full PSI on residential (use different nozzles to change pressure), rarely have used heat, and more GPMs would greatly increase our speed.

    The buffer tank will depend on where you intend to wash. If its a rural area with wells (or fences that are 500+ feet from a spigot), I can say 150 gallon is not enough. On town or city water, you could probably go smaller with that machine. The less you have to drag around, the better.

    As Ken said, getting customers is key. They don't care if you have the best equipment. Knowledge is critical. I had to humble myself a bit when we started; I went from a cushy office job with a guaranteed paycheck to no paycheck and knocking on doors. To date, the door-to-door method still has the best return on investment.

    The search box here will be your best friend. Also talk to your chem suppliers. Filling out your signature will also help out a lot around here. Best to you!
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