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Thread: New guy

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    You know you were a "new guy" once ,too. And if there's one thing that would discourage new folks from joining these boards it's people like you that disrespect new members. I'm a "new gal", and don't worry, I'm not in your market.

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    Who disrespected you?

    Michael Heward
    Coastal Cleaning Service
    Serving Central and Southern Anne Arundel County

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    Jeez, are you that scared of a little competition??

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    "Can't we all just get along?!"
    Gary Twing
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    How's roof cleaning been for you?

    Hi Joe! Looks like you posted this question a while back. Now that you've had some time under your belt, how's the roof cleaning been going? I've still got under 20 roofs under my belt so while I do have experience in it I still consider myself fairly new to it. Do you have a preferred method for managing runoff from gutters? I know some guys use buckets, some trash bags, and some use those run off sleeves.

    Allright man, hope you're having a profitable year so far.


    Quote Originally Posted by JMWindowjoe View Post
    Hi everyone,

    I'm Joe, co-owner of J&M Window Cleaning out of Southeast Michigan for over 12 years. We are looking to provide roof cleaning service to our customers, and Bob at Pressure Tek told me to come to these boards for advice. We're going to purchase the PressureTek Bandit roof cleaning kit. I've been doing a lot of research on the "Softwash" method, but am having a hard time finding definitive answers, like to use bleach or not to use bleach, to rinse or not to rinse. Can any of you point me to a thread or a resource for info on getting started, I've been doing a little searching myself. Thanks everyone!

    Joe Rath
    J&M Window Cleaning
    Mike Rhoades
    Hogwash Pressure Washing
    Lexington, North Carolina

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