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    New guy

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Joe, co-owner of J&M Window Cleaning out of Southeast Michigan for over 12 years. We are looking to provide roof cleaning service to our customers, and Bob at Pressure Tek told me to come to these boards for advice. We're going to purchase the PressureTek Bandit roof cleaning kit. I've been doing a lot of research on the "Softwash" method, but am having a hard time finding definitive answers, like to use bleach or not to use bleach, to rinse or not to rinse. Can any of you point me to a thread or a resource for info on getting started, I've been doing a little searching myself. Thanks everyone!

    Joe Rath
    J&M Window Cleaning

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    most guys use bleach and soap, they like to call it sodium hypochlorite and surfactant mixes vary and soaps vary. some rinse and some do not is a age old debate. disclaimer I have never washed a roof this is all heresay.

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    Welcome Joe,

    The people who represent the shingle manufacturers have some thoughts to share with you regarding bleach.

    Bob has an excellent additive to help the bleach and water mixture stick to the roof so you don't waste your mixture. Cling-on I think is what he calls it. The attached picture is one that I received this morning from a new fellow that I am helping learn to clean roofs. It has 20 plus ounces of Cling-On in 30 gallons of bleach and water mix.

    The term Soft Wash has been so twisted and misused that a search for it might not add any clarity. We do a non-pressure application to clean roofs.

    We typically rinse the lower couple of feet of shingles and flush the gutters but we do not as a rule rinse shingles.

    The creator does that.
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    In certain areas of the country rinsing is not required. When you only see black streaks on the roof that is a good roof for a non rinse job. But when you see a roof with moss on it it may take a couple of trips and applications to remove it all.
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    Every time I see one of these "new guy" threads, I open it and look to see where the OP is from. Then I breathe a sigh of relief when they aren't from my market.

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    Thanks guys for the advice! Ryan556, i hate being the new guy, but i get it. If i had an established roof cleaning company I'd be annoyed by new guys starting up (new window cleaning companies pop up constantly around me).

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    Hey JM....lots of people willing to help and lots that would rather just you go away and never return.....:}
    There is a ton of great info on all of the different forums and many guys that you can call and just pick their brains for a few minutes. Just remember there are many ways to accomplish your goal and different regions require different approaches.

    Like our area has very few rain gutters and because of that, partly, we rinse every roof. There are other reasons for rinsing as well and in time you'll figure out what works best for you.

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    This is a great place. Glad to have you here.

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    Welcome JM! I've been doing windows for 33 years and pressure washing for 28 years. Good to have another window cleaner here!!! As has been mentioned, Rinsing a roof just depends on your particular situation. If no gutters, Rinse, rinse, rinse... Make certain you pre-wet everything along the drip line whether it has gutters or not.

    Soak the ground, Plants, flowers, whatever is below. Continue to rinse during your dwell time and rinse again once you have finished the roof. Remember, A dry plant is a thirsty plant. Soak the heck out of them so their not thirsty...
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