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Thread: Google Review Getting System Beta Testers Needed

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    Google Review Getting System Beta Testers Needed

    Hey gang - been ages since I posted and I hope it is OK to post this. I have recently been testing a great system to help my carpet/tile and grout cleaners to get reviews. Seems like it is one of their biggest issues. I found a system that takes a few seconds at the end of each job and gets customers into the review process. All that is needed is the customers cell ph# - email is also great but not needed. My carpet testers have been killing it so far. I would like to test it out in a couple other industries as well so thought I would check here. Here is what it would take:

    You have to really believe that getting good reviews is important - some guys just don't seem to care while others are all over it.
    Have to be committed for 30 days to taking the extra few seconds on almost every job. It's pretty easy to implement.
    Since many parts of the country are heading into winter the tester needs to be in a climate where they are still out working.
    Must have your google maps and biz page set up.
    This is for getting Google reviews only.

    There will be no cost for 30 days. The system usually runs $97 a month but I discounted it to my carpet guys to $67. I don't care if the tester continues on after 30 days and any reviews you get are yours. I just need feedback before I roll it out to other industries like plumbers etc. Since I have been in the cleaning industry for almost 30 years it is much easier for me to test within that industry. The reason I am testing - the system was originally designed for brick and mortar biz so some tweaks were made for onsite service type providers like us. I have another rep management system that will help get end user reviews for other review sites but it isn't customer friendly like this one is. It is really a push button system. Not everybody will follow through but one of my carpet guys has gotten around 10 google reviews since he started about a month ago.
    Again - hope it's OK to post this - if not delete away! Anybody interested or have any questions - post them here or PM me or email me -

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    I am re-opening this if anyone is interested - I just took a carpet cleaner from 4 reviews to over 70 in about 3 months. I would love to get feedback from another service industry like this one. 30 days free to get some google reviews - not too shabby!


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