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Thread: Trailer Protection

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    Trailer Protection

    Hey all,

    Getting ready to purchase a new trailer setup, and wanted to get some feedback about protecting the trailer. Any recommendations for treating the wood decking prior to mounting the equipment (i.e. bed liner, or deck-over type products)? Has anyone used bed liner or undercoat spray on the trailer frame rails? My old rig has quite a bit of rust on the frame and fenders, and the deck boards are starting to wear away from all the chemicals, just trying to avoid that for the new rig.

    Thanks in advance.

    Brian Parker
    Virginia Beach Exterior Services

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    Jeff from myrtle beach has his trailers linex sprayed,shot him a message I'm sure he doesn't mine talking to you about how they are holding up.
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    Hey Brian,

    I have an enclosed trailer and had mine rhino lined on the floor and 4 inches up on the walls to help with any leaks that might occur over time and its holding up well. For what they charged, I could have only save about $60 for doing it myself. Best extra $60 I ever spent. Saved me a good deal of labor time from doing it myself.

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    Does the rhino liner stick to the wood beds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by innovativewash View Post
    Does the rhino liner stick to the wood beds?
    Jim, call your local rhino guys and explain what you want to do, then ask if the have any warranty/guarantee to it pealing off.

    All that being said, when I called around they all told me it would work just fine

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    Line x is specifically made to hold up against chemicals., make sure you do not have treated wood it is being applied to
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    cover everything
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