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Thread: f-13... first timer

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    f-13... first timer

    hey guys i need the dos and donts to f-13 please, what surfaces should be hit with it, which ones are okay to have it on them. i have a big job this coming wed and i have five gallons ready to put it to work. thanks in advance!

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    Really shouldn't get it on anything but gutters unless you plan on washing a whole house with it. It will streak shutters badly. It will streak vinyl siding that is oxidized and eat the finish off aluminum siding. Easiest solution is to put your house wash on first so everything is wet, then keep the gun handy and as soon as it hits where you don't want it to, just rinse it off quickly. Make sure every area of gutter you move to has everything below it visibly wet.

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    thanks buddy! understood!

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    Ken's advice is right on! Go to Residential Pressure Cleaning. Type Gutter Grenade in Search Bar.
    Should take you to all kinds of good stuff!

    Bill Sullivan
    Bill's Window Cleaning.

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    thanks alot bill! still learning my way around here.


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