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Thread: how to clean stucco siding

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    how to clean stucco siding

    What chemicals should I use to clean stucco siding. Do I have to rinse with water after?

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    You already asked a stucco question yesterday and I had some questions for you which would help give you an accurate answer.

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    Is this a real question? Don't rinse with water let it air dry. Lol.
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    Sorry I should be more accurate in my request.

    I have done a lot of roof cleans with success. I have not done any stucco cleaning. I have a 3 story condo to clean.

    Im planning on using a solution of SH 12%. 1part 12% and 4 parts water with elemonator. How do I follow up this application.

    Question is do I have the right ratio and do I have to rinse after. On roofs I leave solution on roof.

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    If its real stucco (rare on newer condos) then your mix may be right or a little weak depending on how dirty it is. You have to rinse but again not knowing how dirty it is, you may or may not be able to get away with a soft wash rinse from the ground. Often times stucco needs up close and personal washing to remove brown residue. If its Dryvit.. you may be able to downstream a very strong mix.

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    Just finished this house. If its warm I can downstream sometimes but if that doesn't get desired results I use an m5 xjet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamond Roof Cleaning LLC View Post
    Is this a real question? Don't rinse with water let it air dry. Lol.
    Smart ass responses don't help anyone. Especially when your new and trying to do honest and professional work.

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    Smart butt answers are for people that won't accept the correct answers that have been spoon fed to them because they are to lazy to research or use their own mind to find an answer. They are also for new people that come here and grief to those that actually help others. If you are new and trying to do honest professional work by learning from the internet and a bunch of people you insult then the odds are you aren't going to be doing honest, professional work. But that's just my thoughts.
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    Your right. If you insult them, that's not professional is it?

    I am doing the work and reading the posts and trying to find the answers. I just find it difficult to sort through what's legit and not when some are being smart butts or sarcastic.

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    If you have to ask whay to clean stucco with and if you have to rinse then you haven't done research or have any business working for pay. On top of that Ken had already answered his question. Asking the same question twice doesn't get you different answers. Kudos if you are researching. Lots of good info here . Can't help you if you can't tell the difference between sarcasm and info. Most find it obvious but people are different. Good luck with your research. If you have a question you honestly can't find the answer to, ask. Better to get sarcasm and info here than mess up on a job. Just remember, no one here owes you anything. Good info is free but not always given to everyone. Good luck with your research and making a new first impression.
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