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Thread: Paying for leads.

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    Paying for leads.

    Does anyone pay for referals? When I was in the car business the dealership I worked for would pay $100 if you referred a friend that bought a car. Anyone ever pay for leads?

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    First couple of years in my window business I had a "customer referral coupon" on my receipts and let customers know I would give them $50 off the next service for each friend that used them. Coupons were $50 the first year $25 the second and then they ended because I had enough work at that price point. You have to give the coupon value so someone will keep it in a drawer for a couple years until they get around to calling.

    This only worked with a certain clientele also. Once I went past middle class it didn't work.
    Most customers took the referral credit if I brought it up when I was writing the invoice and refused it if I brought it up when they called to schedule. Saying something like "you do a great job I was happy to pass on your number, no need to pay me for that."

    Don't pay other contractors unless they want to bill the work and pay you. Bring them lunch, coffee or beer on a Friday, make it about a relationship not the payment or they will find someone to pay them more for the jobs later.
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    I pass on leads I don't want all the time. I also get free leads from other contractors in my area as well.

    One of my local contractors gave me a parking garage lead back in May because he said it was to big for him. I won this bid & he wouldn't take anything in return. I since gave him a few leads but he happened to mention to me that he's going to the PWNA convention this year so I bought him the convention pass through my business. So this worked out very nicely for us both.
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    I am searching for leads if you have any suggestions


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