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Thread: Marketing as eco friendly

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    Marketing as eco friendly

    Hi I am new to the pressure washing business and i want to market myself as an eco friendly service. I was wondering if using bleach and chemicals that are labelled bio-degradable would allow me to market myself as eco friendly?

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    Anything degrades in time. Go for it.
    Chuck Norris can believe it's not butter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by offdutyfireman View Post
    Anything degrades in time. Go for it.
    True to that. Uranium, by that definition is eco-friendly.. just takes few hundred million years.

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    Yes,.I always thought the use of "Bio-Degradable" would have more real meaning if it had to be given with a length of time it takes to be degrade. So yes,..I agree,..using the term loosely as many of the chemical companies do wouldn't be dishonest on your part.

    The issue with things that are termed bio-degradable is it males people think it isn't harmful,..which is fine for marketing,.but it is a misnomer of sorts.

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