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Thread: Dual Remote Downstream Remotes

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    Thank you Micah. The remote soap on-off is very simple. It's simply a solenoid valve, battery and remote fob and receiver. The fobs are paired to the receiver which controls the solenoid valve.

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    Can you actually make a decent one for $30? That sounds like a no brainer. All I would need to make sure of is to get two remotes with different frequencies? Do the packs of two remotes listed on amazon both have the same frequency or would they be different?

    Micah H.
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    Just realized that the amazon listing says that the remotes and controller are all coded the same and will activate each other. So does this mean that I would have to buy a different model/brand for a second one? Also, these say that they only have 100 ft of range. Are there any that have 300ft of range? That would be ideal.

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    Two channel will run two different solenoids. I ordered a coyple of 8 or 9 remotes and just experimented.
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    When it says coded the same it means two fobs with an A and B. A on either fob will work the same solenoid. Just label one A and one B and you will be fine
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    Quote Originally Posted by coastal1 View Post
    If the stainless is 304 it's not going to last very long. 316 would last much longer.

    We are still doing some testing on these. I'm using the Stainless and a friend of mine is going with the brass. Got another 6 weeks of winter before testing begins
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    Quote Originally Posted by AllClean Powerwash View Post
    Someone should do a video on how to put one together from scratch. What's the best/easiest way to do it?

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    They are easy to build the remotes come with a wiring diagram.
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    Here's the best remote we have found so far. It has a range of 300'
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    I have often wished that I had one, but didn't know that they existed. Will they last for years or will they routinely break down? Also being I am running 8gpm, will they reduce my flow or would I be using a 8gpm chemical injector? Can I hook the wiring up to my pressure washer's battery?

    Anybody else have any experience with them?

    Thanks for your replies!

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    It is installed in line between your soap tank and injector. It does not mess with your flow. Wires to your battery.i run the negative thru the key switch so it will only work with key on. They are solenoids are like injectors. They may last a week or months. They take 2 minutes to switch out and ate only about $12 bucks
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