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Thread: 12.5% SH Storage and Handling

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    12.5% SH Storage and Handling

    We mainly do house washes and business has grown where we are outgrowing buying 4 gallon cases of 12.5% SH at the pool store. Cost and logistics is not bad with the pool store, getting rid of all the plastic bottles is starting to become a real PITA. Plus we would like to get into roof washing which would increase our SH usage quite a bit.

    We can get fresh 12.5% SH delivered via "squirt fill" for $2.80/gal. Our pressure washing side currently operates out of an outdoor storage yard. We have an unpowered indoor storage space where most of our extra equipment resides where we could possibly keep the drums.

    Anybody storing the SH in a setup similar to this?

    Can any of you guys that buy and store bulk SH provide any tips? Thanks!
    Casey Anderson

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    We use the 250 gal. Totes and then a electric pump to the trucks. You should be able to find a good crank or siphon pump to use without electric or have it raised to use valve at bottom.
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    I have a 325 gallon leg tank on a stand six feet off the ground outside the shop. Gravity feed trucks and pails with one inch line. I would keep it outside unless you are religious about keeping lids tight. Bleach vapors rust everything.
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    Thanks for the replies guys! I was going to ask about the vapors and keeping it inside. Would it smell like chlorine (money LOL!) all the time?

    Seems like outside might be the way to go. I'll have to see what kind of place I can find in our storage yard. I guess we would have to find some kind of locking mechanism for the drum valve.

    William, do you have any kind of cover on your tank to protect it from sunlight?
    Casey Anderson

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    Spray painted the tank white. It is filled at least once a week so it really doesn't have a chance to break down from heat or UV
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    Yes, the SH vapors will escape if the lids are not kept tight.

    Even so, notice what a pool store smells like? Smells like $$$'s.....

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