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Thread: Chemicals to use on wood

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    Chemicals to use on wood

    Hey, guys...gotta job coming up that requires cleaning of a blue wooden back porch and a wooden privacy fence. I have a Landa 4.7gpm, 3500 psi hot water machine. Iv'e heard bleach, heard no bleach. S. Hydoxide and bleach...yikes. Soap,water....Anyone have any good ideas for me?

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    Depends on what your trying to remove. Paint and stain that are in good condition can be washed just like vinyl siding,..sometimes you have to use stronger detergents depending how bad. On painted and stained wood you can use bleach with no issue if you are removing mold. On painted floors I prefer using something like Purple Power at about 3:1 with water. And go up in percentage from there. I sometimes 2-step floors,..acid first and then Purple Power. Hardly any of the work this our services has a one size fits all solution to what is needed to clean.

    On raw wood I prefer Sodium Percarbonate or even easier,..DS'ing NAOH,..both methods will need to be neutralized with an acid like Oxalic.

    SH on raw wood has always been controversial,..and ..although I prefer the chemicals mentioned above,..sometimes bleach will lighten darkened neglected wood back to a nicer appearance. Just the nature of the business to have to use "guerrilla" warfare on certain surfaces sometimes to get it "back"

    Bleach used on wood responsibly can be done,..there are guys who have been in wood care for a long time,..and use bleach a proper concentrations without issue.

    Jeff Wible
    Raystown Roof Cleaning
    Serving Central Pa Since 1996
    T.V Commercial

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    Thx Jeff! Did it yesterday. Downstreamed a mixture of Dawn, SH, and water. Let it set for 15 min. Used J-rod and just pretty much raked the mold away.


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