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Thread: Price Help - Brick Apartment

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    Price Help - Brick Apartment

    I am hoping that someone can PM me on how to price a white brick apartment complex. There are 47 separate building 2 - 3 stories tall. The typical lxw for each building is 50x90.

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    Here is how I would do it: the distance around the building is 50+50+90+=280'. If it's 2 stories that's about 20' tall so 20x 280=5600sf. I would get .07 to .10 per square foot so that building would be between $392 and $560. If its 3 stories it would be 30'tall x 280=8400 sf. That would be between $588 and $840 per 3 story building. Make sure you can shoot 3 stories and hopefully you don't have to downstream because you will probably need a strong mix for brick.
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