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Thread: The acorn tainted driveway

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    The acorn tainted driveway

    Need advice: I have been hired to clean a long driveway with no living vegetation on either side, just some already dead grass. It has terrible tannin stains, and the appearance of striping that is already on the driveway tells me that customer (or another company) has attempted to clean it but with no success. I want to use my Xjet because I believe it will distribute my chemical stronger. But I will really fly thru chemical doing that. Recently I used just straight up 12.5% SH on smooth driveway and turned out beautiful, but this driveway is less than smooth with a rocky (yo, adrienne!) texture. Any suggestions?

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    Just nuke it with the SH and let the water fly. Seriously, you shouldn't need straight SH. dilute it down to a strong house wash or weak roof mix and let it dwell for 20 or so minutes and hit it with your surface cleaner...

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    We wash the driveways off with the surface cleaner then we go back over the surface lightly with roof mix, We've found if you spray the driveway down first the solution dries almost instantly whereas if it's sprayed on afterwards it has time to dwell, We tell the customers to stay off it until its dry, Never ever had a problem and it comes out looking awesome

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