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Thread: Was told bid was high!

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    House wash 4000 sf I'm getting $550-600 Pavers if just washing $300. I've only done around 3 paver jobs where thy didn't need to be re-sanded. For cleaning and sanding 2500 sf I get $1.75 per sf.
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    Bought $300 in groceries the other day......when they rang it up I told them "that was too high" and I'd give them $ looked at me like I had a turd on my head.......Practice that look.

    Customers don't dictate pricing, you do..........
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    Haha Great Guy that was funny an a great way to look at it for sure.
    Hal Brown
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    being told your bid is to high means you are on the right track to charging enough, on the other hand when you I get a tip I always feel I did not charge enough LOL

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    some people tip no matter what if they ask if it's a tipping situation I tell them to tip the guys but I'm the owner so if I need more all just charge you more. If you meet me at an event ask me about vindictive tippers, people pissed off there will just me more money in the bank next month.
    Rodger Boggs
    Winter Wash
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