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    steam valve

    Hi, want to get opinions on this. Got some jobs coming up that require a good bit of gum removal. I have a Landa PGHW5 4.7 gpm 3500 psi machine. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to get a steam valve for my machine. I've heard good things and bad things so I just wanted to get some opinions about this. Thx yall!

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    Gum is a nightmare. I'd try anything! Where do you buy a steam valve?

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    we have the same machine I think. The valve helps. it cuts down the amount of water going into the burner so it heats up more. Helps with gum.
    Another way to get hotter is get a hot water tap to fill with if the site has it. You can also turn on your burner and put your line back in the tank and heat up your water.
    Steam valve drops your pressure to about 2000 and flow to 3 gpm I think. speeds up gum though.
    you can always fake it and reduce your tip size forcing your unit to bypass some at the unloader back to the tank. then less water to the burner and same effect. I like the valve. I think it was a 175$ option.
    Get an inline temp guage you can put inline so you know you're getting the heat you should.
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