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Thread: Help please dried soap on blue siding

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    Help please dried soap on blue siding

    Hello Everyone, My Name is Chad Pierce out of Nashville, NC. Chads's Pressure Washing, LLC. Been Washing for over 10 years. I have a house we just washed that I need some help on please. Darker blue siding which I knew I should have declinded but I did it anyways and it has came back and kicked me in the rear. Home is probally 2-3 years old. Washed house as usual and after it dired obviously there was some soap that has ran out of the air or weep holes in the vinly and left a white chalky residue. Seen this many times and just re washed and it went away. Not on this one. I have tried scrubbing with oxalic acid and still nothing. What am I missing here. Could the acid have been bad. It is some that was on the shelf for a few years that I used one time and it seemed like it was not count then. Any help greatly appericated. Thank you!!

    Chad Pierce

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    Soap what kinda of soap?
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    It's oxidation from the bleach. You may have opened a can of worms.

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    Run away from blue, green, red and brown. Doesn't help now. Mvp landa in rocky mount is near you. Call them and they will help you out
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    It was my regular house wash mix with roof snot. Siding was not oxidized. House is only a couple years old.
    Chad Pierce

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    Two or three year old vinyl shouldn't have any oxidation yet. Was the vinyl hot from the sun when you applied your mix?

    After almost 30 years in the business, I don't turn down darker colored siding. Just approach it as a different beast and charge accordingly. Now I know I may catch some flack for this but it works! Ladders are required so you can apply your mix at a straight on approach to a downward angle. Obviously, you must keep the surface wet and rinse with only a downward angle.

    Did all four sides do this or just sunny sides? How did you apply the mix? Standard DS or X-Jet?

    Sounds like too much mix was driven up behind the siding. Also, did you work with the sidings overlap or against it?

    If the siding was hot when you applied your mix and started drying before rinsing, you may have "flash haze".

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    The vinyl was not hot, it was a cool cloudly day or I would have wet it first. Worked one side of the house at a time. All 4 sides did this. Not a ton but I want it right and so does the homeowner. Chemical was applied with DS. It did not have time to dry. I have reapplied detergent and still will not go away. Brushed with oxalic acid and you can still see some white residue on it. I have seen on some forums try f-13? Anyone have any luck with that or some type of viny restore but will probally appear again after a rain? Washed thousands of houses and this is my first one I just can't get right. Any help greatly appericated!!!! Chad
    Chad Pierce

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    If you have an RV dealer near you, see if they carry "Reliable 1". It's an alkaline which I have used on a lot of oxidized vinyl. Obviously, test in an inconspicuous area. You would need to apply with a dedicated or brush and starting with a 75/25 water/product dilution and increase product if needed.

    Do you have any pictures to show?

    Michael Heward
    Coastal Cleaning Service
    Serving Central and Southern Anne Arundel County


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