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Thread: Concrete parking area at automotive dealership

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    Concrete parking area at automotive dealership

    Good morning! I have a 1900 sq ft parking area to do for an automobile dealership. Not a regular parking area, though. This area is where they park the cars to clean them up and make them pretty for the owners before they take them. I'm not dealing with oil so much or mold, but rubber tire marks, rainex, etc. I did a small section with EBC but not too impressed. I have a box of Borax on my truck but didn't try that. Anybody out there use Borax? This area has not been cleaned in 11 years, and I'm just wondering what to try on it. I've heard big box store products are ok, but just wanting to get some thoughts from my wonderful colleagues at ptstate! Thx!!

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    Seems a caustic degreaser & heat is the answer to this project.........I wouldn't get too anal about the outcome, after all it is a cleaning area that I'm assuming is not in public view.......1900 sq. ft. isn't a huge area, so I'm again assuming your profit margin won't be that the best you can, collect check, move on.
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    Guy, it's the craziest thing! I started work on this Tues night. I used EBC and heat on a section, and I swear the stain puddled up and rolled halfway down the driveway!...I mean, I have black ribbons running down end of driveway! Weather kept me away Wed nite, but last night I used sodium hydroxide, soap, and heat, and it seemed to be cleaner but big ribbons of black I can't touch. I was scared to use too much SH or leave it on too long. Bought the big bag of caustic beads, but I don't have much experience with it so I was careful, maybe too careful. Do you use sodium hydroxide much? Does it work well for you if you do?

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    pre wet so that the run off stays on top of the concrete instead of soaking in and moving the stain. We've all moved grease or something else one time or another. Cover up when using "the other SH" it'll burn ya..
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