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Thread: cleaning paint booth

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    cleaning paint booth

    Hi Guys!! Has anyone out there ever been asked if they could power clean a paint booth at an automotive repair / paint business? I have one of the newer Landa hot water machines and I was jusr wondering if anyone has ever done that, what kind of chemicals were used, did you have overspray, etc. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!!,Thx!!

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    what is they want cleaned pictures would help

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    They will supply any and all chemicals. There simply can be nothing good come from introducing chemicals into a paint booth.

    Just bring really hot water. Chances are that they coated most surfaces with a release agent after they cleaned it last time.

    Have them turn the fans on, otherwise you'll get steamed out in minutes.
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    The water from the steam can damage the exhaust fans. I'd deep the doors open and turn the fans off

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