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Thread: Efflorvesence (or whatever the hell it's called!!)

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    Efflorvesence (or whatever the hell it's called!!)

    Ok, I'm cleaning a bank and they have horrible efflorvesence on their sign. I'm gonna be a big shot and say, Oh, I can get it off, sure, no problem. Well, I shuffled between this site and youtube, and I get a grip on how to get it off. Well, I'm making it worse!! I swear, more has appeared since I've been trying to get it off. Is that possible? It's red brick, grayish mortar. I'm using muriatic acid. anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Roll up and walk away. Easier work out there.
    Chuck Norris can believe it's not butter.

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    Damn, you're up early!! Thx for the advice!

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    And get an eflo targeted product. Muriatic acid isn't something you should be using, a lot of buffered acids out there instead of the strait stuff. Use those if for no other reason than worker safety. good luck
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    Thanks Rodger!

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    Try this

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