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Thread: Downstreaming Issues - Not sure if you have heard this one before

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    Downstreaming Issues - Not sure if you have heard this one before

    Good evening, my name is Michael Brawner and I own Pro Finish Pressure Washing in Columbia, SC. I just want to thank everyone who has posted here, because it has been a tremendous help starting from the ground just two years ago! I've been cleaning full time for a little over a year now and have made great strides. Anyway, I've read probably every thread on this forum and have not found the answer to the issues I am having now. I've been through about 3-4 guns all 12gpm guns, 3-4 hi draw injectors, took the hose off the reel, ran 50ft of hose, and ran a 10ft whip line off the pump and I am still having the same issues.

    Below is what I have been witnessing the last 2 weeks and I cannot figure out what is going on, it's either:

    • Pulling suds and cleaning
    • Pulling suds and not cleaning
    • Not pulling suds, but cleaning

    Typically we clean with a 2:1 Bleach to Water Ratio and say in a 30 gallon mix I will put 35oz elemenator to give it extra cling. We don't have time to soap 2-3 times, just hit it and go, but now my injector is pulling a lot weaker and with all the stuff going on with what I mentioned above I am having to almost downstream straight bleach to get the same cleaning as I did with a 2:1 ratio. I know it sounds ridiculous, and trust me I think it is crazy too, but I just don't what it could be.

    Then late today, it was sudding and cleaning like a 4:1 mix, it was super hot, way too hot, but who knows how it will be tomorrow.

    Has anyone ever ran across this? It's like the elemenator is not mixing with the bleach or something and it just draws whatever.

    Thank you for reading this!

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    Was it working before ,.or did you just begin DS'ing? First off,..I'd make sure the ball isn't stuck in the injector(s). And also make sure you're using the correct nozzle. What GPM is your machine? Many people do DS 12.5% with soap. Especially with larger GPM machines. Also,..going down a size on the injector has helped many people solve draw issues. Other than these things,.not sure either.

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    35 ounces is about 30 to much. I mix about 8 ounces to 65 gallons of mix. To much and the injector ball gets sticky and seats to the oring.
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    Yes I have been DS'ing for about 2 years now. Same setup. We have two 8gpm machines. Never have had a problem. Pulling at a 14:1 ratio. I had never tested it prior to this, but it just doesn't seem right.

    I've tried the going down a size on the injector, but nothing really changed for me.

    I'm just confused on why, so I soap the whole side of a building a lot of cling, I go back to where I started and it has knocked off a lot of the bad mold, but some parts look as if I didn't even hit them. I hit it again, and again. So I finally get it cleaned. Turn off the machine, move the hose to the front of the building, because cars are everywhere and it's a pita to move. Anyway, start cleaning the front, it doesn't cling well, but its pulling at a really strong mix, but not much soap. It basically cleans when it hits it. I'm thinking here is all the bleach now. It is fine, but kind of annoying. You can smell it like wow that is strong, but on the back I am thinking Oh its clinging it's good, but it's not.
    Michael Brawner Jr.
    Pro Finish Pressure Washing, LLC
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    Does your mix stick with only 8oz in 65 gallons of mix? I've never had a problem the way that I am doing it. I think the more cling to an extent the better it cleans for me.
    Michael Brawner Jr.
    Pro Finish Pressure Washing, LLC
    Columbia, SC
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    Yep. Anymore than that and I get foam on the ground. That freaks out customers.
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