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Thread: pavers around pool....seal or use stone enhancer

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    pavers around pool....seal or use stone enhancer

    Homeowner likes how the color of her pavers around this pool show up better when wet. She was thinking sealing it would make the color brighter but was concerned about it making the pool deck slippery and here grandkids slipping on it. Spoke with a friend in construction last night and he told me not to seal because it would make it slick, but instead use Stone and Tile Enhancer to bring out the color and make it "pop". I'd like a few more expert opinions before moving forward. Anyone with experience with this care to chime in? Are there any sealants that don't become slick for this kind of application or is a Stone Enhancer the better way to go for what the customer is looking for? Thanks

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    You can still seal around pools without making it slippery. You need to use a product called shark grip. Ive sealed around quite a few pools using this product. Not sure what type of sealer you are going to use but SEK Surebond has great sealer products.
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