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Thread: Good Smelling Stuff!

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    Good Smelling Stuff!

    Hello Everyone! I'm trying to get some opinions on SH masking chemicals. I hate to admit that at first I was using Fabuloso from Walmart. Then I found some Cherry smelling stuff locally. I have yet to try Elemonator, but Im fixing to order that new sample pack from Pressure Tek. I'm just still smelling strong SH. What do ya'll use out there? Thx!!
    Suzanne F.
    Grime Away...with the Soft Touch!
    Lower Alabama

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    I use ELemonator, downstreaming with 10% bleach. It does a pretty good job at masking the bleach.


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    Same here. The Elemonator works pretty well...

    Michael Heward
    Coastal Cleaning Service
    Serving Central and Southern Anne Arundel County


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