LMAO! Thanks for the offer but, why do you think I need your help? As a metaphor, I feel like I graduated collage, and now 5th graders want to teach me shit. Not saying you're a 5th grader, maybe you've graduated too, I don't know you. I'm sure you're one of the smartest people on here. As for me being dishonest, I am the most honest person you will ever meet. I had nothing to do with the making of this video, but what is dishonest about it? I'll even be glad to prove anything you would like sir. Would you like pics of the equipment I've built? I have plenty of those. The enclosed trailer was built by me, its balanced perfectly, 10% nose weight, It has a 30 amp electrical with 8 receptacles on two GFI circuits, and even has a bathroom in the front section. Do I manufacture shit? No I don't, not sure where he got that from. My son in law shot and produced this entire thing. I was washing his parent house for him as a favor and in return he surprised me on my Birthday with this video. He works in marketing.