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Thread: New house washing ad for Facebook

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    New house washing ad for Facebook Let me know what you think.
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    Great video but..........................
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    But what? Your video shows what I've been doing for 20 yrs. Difference is, I do the work, I don't hire kids to do it for me.
    Work smarter not harder!

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    BTW Guy, my mix isn't as strong as yours, probably because I'm down streaming with 12 GPM and 200 ft of hose. Last I checked with the general 2.3 injector, I was at around 30:1. I keep my SH fresh in a dark container and it usually comes in at about 14%
    Work smarter not harder!

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    I guess your tag line about work smarter not harder is just for show. Smarter to let someone younger do the work. Call me or Guy and we will be glad to put you on the path to easier washing. Those long wands and nozzles you are using have got to be killing you. I'll be glad to give you some pointers to speed you up and use better techniques
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    Ive been doing this 20 yrs. my shoulders are plenty strong to handle the long wand. My nozzle is a variable, probably a 40 not sure. Notice in the beginning of video I'm using just the gun with a 0. I could wash the whole house that way but I sorta don't think that's what prospects want to see. I could be wrong on that but it's just my opinion.
    Work smarter not harder!

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    Ill be glad to help you with the correct nozzle. Try not to be shady with customers. Honesty always wins out in the end.
    Chuck Norris can believe it's not butter.

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    I have to agree with offdutyfireman. It sounds to me as if you are misleading with the environmental crap. We all use the same chems. And manufacturing your own tools? Well, we all need to have an angle, but I'm not sure that one will get you very far. You have state of the art equipment and 20 years of experience. Ain't that what's really important?

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    My son in law shot this video and he's the one who put this video together for me. I guess it was for my 50th birthday. Anyway, he is correct in that I make my own equipment. Look at the pressure washer in the trailer at the end of the video. I bought the motor, gear drive, pump, unloader, and made the base myself with angle iron,3/8 plate steel and 8 isolators. I have built 5 of these over the years. The tips are no secret to most vets, 1/4" air plug. Big deal I know, but this is what my son in law knew about me. As for the enviro safe chemicals? I know what I'm doing as far as rinsing plants and so forth and my mix is only 30:1. We've all heard honor story after horror story about the noobs killing plants and you know what Im talking about. Isn't SH enviro friendly? It's neutralized by plain water and what isn't neutralized just turns to salt which comes from the earth anyway. Yes it can suffocate plants if its put on too strong and left to dry. LOL! I know you guys don't know me so I must be a noob. I used to hang out on the Grime scene about 10-12 yrs ago. I remember when soft wash was called the splash and dash guys. I just got tiered of answering the same questions over and over again so I stopped posting.
    Work smarter not harder!

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