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Thread: New house washing ad for Facebook

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    It’s a great video.
    Pros:It shows that you have good equipment and know what your doing.
    It shows your truck and trailer.
    Cons: the subject (house). Is already pretty much clean before you cleaned it. It is hard to see a before and after.
    Also the video is a bit too long
    Conclusion: overall it’s a kick ass video. I can see customers feeling comfortable with your work, but not educated on your cleaning process and use of cleaning Solutions.

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    Thanks, and I couldn't agree more. I will definitely keep all this great advice, from all of you, in mind on my next video coming soon.
    Work smarter not harder!

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    Whats hilarious is everyone trying to put you back in your box for your pitch. You do you man. If I were you I wouldn't ask a soul on here about your commercial, I'd ask the people who would be buying. Most pw and window cleaning people are bottom of the barrel anyway and can't stand anyone diverting from the herd or getting an edge. Keep doing your thing, and screw what they say.

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    Thanks buddy! I appreciate the kind words.
    Work smarter not harder!

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