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    oxalic acid

    Hi, guys. I've been reading some old threads on oxalic acid and concrete, and the majority of ya'll seem to think it works great as a brightener. I have yet to try it, but I do have the pressure tek sale pack on the way. I'm having pretty good results with SH and surfectant, but I'm not downstreaming, I'm applying chemical with my pump. I'm using a pretty potent mix, and letting it dwell for a bit, but do you think I would get even better results with the oxalic? Oxalic wont kill the mold and mildew, so I would just use it as step two, but as a rule are yall seeing much more brightening? I want my customers to be blinded by it!! Thanks!!
    Suzanne F.
    Grime Away...with the Soft Touch!
    Lower Alabama

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    Hey Suzanne, if you are going after mold, mildew or algae on concrete, a hot SH mix applied with a dedicated pump should be all you need. If you have a SC, it should turn out nice... I just did a walkway today and the customer will need sunglasses to look at it tomorrow morning.

    Michael Heward
    Coastal Cleaning Service
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    Thanks, Mike! I was just wondering if I was missing out on something. I do have SC and most times it looks great. Thanks for the info!
    Suzanne F.
    Grime Away...with the Soft Touch!
    Lower Alabama

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    Oxalic acid works great as a brightener, but at the end of the day my experience reveals that you'll never notice the before and after unless you take pictures. OTOH, if you have iron stains on almost any surface, oxalic acid is a wonderful bleaching agent, 1 to 1 1/2 cups per gallon, and I use a roller to apply the solution. I find that I use it several times a week because I live where iron stains are prevalent. Today I used it on vinyl siding, a metal door, and aluminum window frame. came out beautiful.

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    Interesting... Thank you, Mr. Sparkle!!
    Suzanne F.
    Grime Away...with the Soft Touch!
    Lower Alabama


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