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    Upgrading Equipment

    Hi everyone, started my pressure washing business last year in Sept. It's really taken off this past season and I'm looking to upgrade my equipment. I have a 3200 psi Simpson 2.5gpm now and a 15" Simpson SC. I am thinking about going hot water and getting into commercial accounts. There's only about 4 other companies locally that offer hot water powerwashing. I want to focus in storefronts mainly as there are a few chains locally that have multiple locations with gum everywhere. I'm looking at getting a 12-14' enclosed trailer and around a 4gpm 4000psi hot water pressure washer. Also would like to get a 200 gal buffer tank. From what I read, at gpm a buffer tank isn't needed (we have hose bibs on all the houses) but I'd like one for when I do commercial. Over the past yr I've done residential houses, patios, decks, and RVs. I've used Krud Kutter siding detergent and am still reading up on SH mixing. Further, as I read more about soft washing, can I used a larger skid style machine 4gpm 4000psi and just have a different tip for the nozzle with a larger orfice for lower pressure? I see that some also use a dedicated pump for soft washing. Roof cleaning is another option, many dirty roofs in Northern NY and not many guys wash em. From what I read, roof cleaners have a dedicated 12v pump for roofs due to stronger SH solutions being run for roofs. Any advice you can give would be great! Thanks!

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    Asked & Answered.......If you're expanding your business then you must expand your equipment.......4 gpm is slow an inefficient.......move to 5.5-8 gpm, at least 325 gal buffer more reading.
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    Thanks. Reading more every day
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    You will be smiling with a move to 5.5 gpm, and you will do back flips if you try an 8 Gpm. Either of these machines will be leaps and bounds faster than what you are used to. I will advise you to read this forum until you really understand the business. Don't rush out and buy what you think you need, or you will constantly realize you should of bought something different. Once you have a good grasp on all the equipment post on this forum, you will have a better idea of what you need.
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    Sounds worth get at least 5.5 gpm instead.

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    Hey all. I’ve recently moved back from overseas and am starting up my business again. I don’t have nearly the time to devote to washing houses as I used to so i will only be doing residential jobs running off the houses water supply. I run a 4 GPM machine and have noticed it hogging down and having fluctuating pressure due to a lack of water intake. My idea is VERY small scale I know but for my foreseeable future would be all I need to function effectively (if it works). My idea is to rig a 5 gallon jug with a Hudson valve on the top and a bulkhead on the side as low as possible. This would be fed with h the house water supply and would be positioned a few feet from the pump. The idea is to have a small supplement to the house water supply that will basically always be refillin when trigger not pulled, but would help cover the 1/2-1 GPM shortage the house provides. Has anyone tried something similar or what do you guys think of the idea, other than I should get a larger tank. I’m trying to keep it small. Thanks for the input.

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