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Thread: Plywood on open trailer floor

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    Plywood on open trailer floor

    Hey guys I have a new 16' dual axel trailer, getting ready to set it up for power washing.
    I am thinking about covering the floor with 3/4 in plywood and then putting rhino liner or
    a similar product on for protection. I'm sure someone has done this and I am looking for the pros
    and cons of doing this. Thanks

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    I have a utility enclosed body on my F450. I used spray on Bedliner to protect the steel diamond plate.
    Pros: It puts a strong layer of chip resistant paint to help prevent rust and it seconds as a good grip to stop buckets sliding all over the place
    Cons: the floor always looks dirty to me. I feel like it's very hard to keep clean.
    Next year I plan on buying a rubber mat with diamond plate pattern. I think this will be a better selection over spraying wood.

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    JMO, A rubber mat is far superior. I purchased a "Rubber Queen" diamond pattern cargo mat for the extended cargo vans 15yrs ago and put it in my enclosed. The mat still looks brand new when I clean it. Nothing slides around on it. The marine grade plywood floor underneath still looks almost brand new.

    Obviously, a 16' trailer is good size, I don't think I would use plywood on an open trailer. Even marine grade will most likely start breaking down after 5-7 yrs. Hopefully, someone else here will chime in if they have used it with good success.

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