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Thread: Cedar Shake Questions

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    Cedar Shake Questions

    Working on a quote for a large home that has cedar shakes. In several areas there is considable mold that the owner would like removed without restoring or cleaning all the shakes. Also a lot of the gutters, soffits, and facia is green and needs to be cleaned. Will that be possible without staning the cedar shakes of it splashes on them. My normal mix is SH/Water 50/50. and eleminator at the recommended ratio. Any comment would be welcomed. See pic

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    Those are actually what's considered "wood shingles" not shakes. Shakes are longer and not near as smooth. I know because I used to be a cedar shake roofer for 8 yrs. before I started this business. I would just down stream for the gutters. My ratio is 30:1 H2O/SH and you will not see much if any difference in the color of the shingles from the overspray. Not sure what you mean by eliminator but 50/50 direct would be way too strong for cedar. At most on the cedar, I would go 10:1.
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