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Thread: Aquastore tank

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    Aquastore tank

    I have a job tomorrow and have been trying to figure out what to use that will clean a Aquastore water tank for my local water department. Nothing too highly caustic or acidic although I did find out a mild muriatic solution is ok from the manufacturer, so I am worried about using SH. Has anyone done one of these tanks, and what would you recommend using?
    These tanks are glass fused to steel or a porcelain enamel coating!
    I appreciate any information your willing to share.
    Tim Mecum
    Carmi IL 62821
    Clear Choice Pros Inc.
    email clearchoicepros@yahoo

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    Hey, Tim.. What are you cleaning/trying to remove? There is no such chemical abbreviation as SH.. sodium hydroxide? Sodium hypochlorite?

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    just a general cleaning of the tank, nothing was made specific to me when asking me to bid the job. Having never worked on this type of material, i want to be extra cautious about not using anything that might harm the glass-porcelain. SH = sodium hypoclorite, ive always thought thats the way others specified it on here.
    I just want to do the best i can on this because ive washed other tanks for the city before, they just have a different coating on them. the north side like everything else is really nasty (I wish I had pictures, but rarely ever think of taking them) mold among other stuff, dont know what for sure, or how long if it has been cleaned before. I got a maintainence brochure from a manufacturer, but it wasnt very clear other than highly caustic or acidic. So my biggest worry is using soduim hypochlorite as I would in a house wash would be too acidic for the glass...
    Just looking for some direction if anyone out there has cleaned one of these types of tanks
    Tim Mecum
    Carmi IL 62821
    Clear Choice Pros Inc.
    email clearchoicepros@yahoo

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    SH is synonymous on the board for liquid chlorine, usually 12.5% pool bleach
    Gary Twing
    Clean Right Pro Wash, LLC
    Medford, OR


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