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Thread: Downstreaming and SH amount

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    Downstreaming and SH amount

    After doing lots of searching and reading, I just want to make sure I'm understanding it correctly. I've seen lots of people are using a 5er with 12.5 SH. If using 12.5% SH, 1:3, 1 gal of 12.5 and 3 gals of water in a 5 gal bucket would make a total solution of 3.1%. Also 1 gal of 12.5 SH and 4 gals of water would yield a bucket solution of 2.5%. So my question is: do most people mix solution like I stated above in a 5 gal bucket THEN Downstream (which would further dilute it)?? Or do people dump 5 gals of 12.5 SH in a 5er and drop the siphon tube in and which the solution is that ends up on the house is appropriate? (I would think that's way too strong). I know there's lots of factors such as hose size, length, injector size, nozzle size, actual SH % and manufacture date etc but for simplicity sake, should I be aiming for an approx .03% SH solution ending up on the house? (Assuming a 1:10 injector draw). Speaking for house wash mix. I know I'd need elemonator or a surfactant in the mix too. Just trying to make sure I got it right. Thanks in advance!

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    Don't get overwhelmed by ratios. 2 gallons bleach, 3 gallons water, splash of elemanator. Downstream. If it is really dirty. Add more bleach
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    That's what I figured. Simple enough. Thanks!
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