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Thread: Muriatic vs Sure Clean 600

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    Muriatic vs Sure Clean 600

    Venturing into unknown territory.....Have a commercial builder who wants me to clean the excess mortar off the brick base of a new building along with cleaning all the red clay off the new sidewalks around the building....gotta love the red clay in the south lol. I've read on here muriatic is great for the red clay. Seen a few members mention Sure Klean 600....anyone care to chime in on their experience with it? I did a search and found some really old posts but not many recent posts on this topic.

    Mark Johnson
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    MD 80 with a splash of muratic is great.The key is being familiar with your brick which chemical will harm an ruin a certain brick.Once that is done you determine what is gonna be the best an most cost effective cleaning chemical for that job.Muratic will be the cheapest by far how ever use it on the wrong type of brick to strong an you will be in bad shape.With that type of block you have in the picture a light mix of muratic will clean it up great.
    Hal Brown
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    Heard about the muriatic and MD 80 solution as well.


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