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Thread: Gum on Concrete

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    Gum on Concrete

    Hey guys:

    Wanted a little advice. Ive been asked by a national chain store to get lots and LOTS of gum off sidewalk. Square footage of the flatwork is approx 1500 sq feet. Not sure if the norm is to charge a higher square footage price because of all the gum, or charge my normal square foot price and just add an extra charge for the gum. Any imput would be appreciated!🤷🤷
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    To begin with you have to have hot water to get up gum. You have to work on each spot individually and it will take some time. My normal charge for flat work is form .07 to .15 cents per foot depending on the area. I would add another .05 for a heavy concentration of gum. We have a hot water, 8 gpm machine.
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    In NY sidewalks are .35 to .55 Chewing gum is a hourly rate on top of the square foot.

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